TriStar Total QIZ Solution Provider
Your total QIZ Solution Provider

About Us

  • TriStar Group was formed in December 2004, to enable businesses and manufacturers to leverage the QIZ agreement between the USA, Israel and Egypt.
  • Since its inception, TriStar Group has operated in the business of Trims, Accessories and worked closely with various solution providers in the Garment Business.
  • TriStar Group's success is based on professional personell, in addition to forming long and serious partnerships with the largest and most skilled manufacturers of trims and accessories in the market. Through the vast experience acquired, the company has become the backbone to the most prominent and distinguished garment and apparel manufacturers in Egypt (QIZ) and Israel.
  • With support of our various associate and sister companies, and a first class distribution system based on comprehensive warehousing solutions as well as a fleet of transport vehicles, we have come a long way to provide our customers a non stop commitment to a consistently high quality edge, unbeatable price and an uncompromising level of service.

Our Group

  • One of the first established companies to service QIZ manufacturers in Egypt.
  • Offices in both Israel and Egypt to support the business.
  • Over 20 merchandisers and sales teams to cover all areas of trims.
  • Experienced professionals whom focus on the complete trade cycle:
    1. Study and review requirements for the value added 10.8%.
    2. Provide best competitive price and send Performa invoices within 24hrs.
    3. Efficiently placing orders with the suppliers.
    4. Following up orders until the QIZ factory receives the goods in their warehouse.
    5. Consolidate shipments to decrease price of logistics.

What is QIZ?

The Qualifying Industrial Zone(QIZ) concept was introduced by the United States in 1996 with the aim of reinforcing peace in the Middle East through regional economic partnerships which benefit both Arab countries and Israel. In December 14, 2004, the Egyptian government signed the Qualifying Industrial Zones Protocol with the US and Israel. The Protocol allows for duty-free entry into the US for products manufactured by qualified companies operating within designated geographic locations in Egypt which satisfy the currently agreed upon Israeli content of 10.8%. Qualifying Industrial Zones (QIZ) are designated geographic areas, within Egypt, that enjoy a duty free status with the United States. Companies located within such zones are granted duty free access to the US markets, provided that they satisfy the agreed upon Israeli component, as per the pre-defined rules of origin.The benefits of Egypt's QIZ are various; ease of access to US markets being the most important, with open, unlimited quota as well as exemption of tariff and non-tariff barriers. Other benefits include: low factor costs as well as a huge supply of labor force.