TriStar Total QIZ Solution Provider
Your total QIZ Solution Provider

Vision & Mission

  • To be the leading trims and accessories provider with focus on customer service satisfaction and maximizing the synergy with our distinguished partners and suppliers.
  • Our goal is to provide the customer with superior, consistent service by understanding the nature of the industry and abiding by it.
  • We will excel because of three important factors: our customers, our employees, and our international business associates. The mark of any growing and innovative company is the ability to balance all three elements with a wholehearted dedication to quality. A commitment to quality, dynamic growth and innovation can only be achieved with a clear vision of where the company is going. We have such a vision. At the heart of the vision are our customers, our employees, and our business associates.
  • By listening to our customers and improving our abilities day after day, we will achieve an impressive degree of customer retention and satisfaction.

Tri Star Group Guarantee

"We guarantee all products to be free of defect and non conformity to specification. Incase any order however big or small arrives with a non confirming standard we commit to re-supplying at no extra charge. This is part of our commitment of service and excellence in customer dedication."