TriStar Total QIZ Solution Provider
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Services and goods provided by TriStar Group:


TriStar Group is the exclusive agent of "Boxes Israel" - one of Israel’s leading manufacturers of corrugated cardboard packaging.

Features of Company:
  • Company’s production capacity is around 70,000 tons a year.
  • Can produce all range of cartons from 3PLY, 5PLY and 7Ply with 280 DD strength.
  • All cartons are made from KRAFT new material. Recycled paper can be used.
  • Leadtime is 5-7 days.
  • Guaranteed most competitive price.

Poly bags & Packing Materials

TriStar Group is the exclusive agent of "E.Z. Pack" for PE & PP polybags manufacturing.
EZ pack can also provide all packing materials such as: Adhesive Cello Tapes, Stretch Wrap etc.

Features of Company:
  • Poly bag production is of PE and PP
  • Laser cutting and printing is used.
  • Leadtime is 10-14 days.
  • Guaranteed most competitive price.

Knitted Fabrics

Tristar Group represent "Singer Zamir fabrics" , Tristar Group can supply all kind of knitted fabrics such as:

Single Jersey

Sewing threads

TriStar Group can provide Premium spun polyester sewing thread and synthetic yarn with all counts. An advanced low-friction lubricant and uniform construction provide exceptional sewing performance in high-speed and critical sewing operations.
  • 100% polyester - Resistant to sunlight and chemical degradation

    • Superior lubricant - Resists needle heat; minimizes skipped stitches
    • Uniform construction - Lower defect levels for uninterrupted sewing
    • Extensive color lines in stock -- Immediate availability
    • 2000 color shades available in stock.

Labels and Hangtags

TriStar Group can provide all hangtags and labels of "r-pac Israel" and "Talitania labels" which are nominated suppliers of:


Plastics Hangers

With more than one range to choose from, TriStar Group can provide nominated plastic hangers as well as a full line of GOH (Garment-on Hanger), Specialty, Fabric Covered and Wood Hangers. Nomination covers most of the retailers in the garment business such as Wal Mart, K-Mart, Sears, JC Penney, Kids r us, Khols, Liz Claiborne, Saks, Macy’s etc..Types of Hangers are Bottoms, Intimates, Outerwear, Tops and even Vics.

Pocketing & Interlining

TriStar Group can provide all "HAAMA" products.
"HAAMA" is one of the World Leaders in non woven fabrics and fusible interlining
Haama produces – All types of Pocketing fabric. Fusible interlining (suits, shirts and pants), Poly fill (Filling for coats and warm overalls)

Other main activities of Haama:
  • Non woven fabrics.
  • Thermal & Acoustic Insulation.
  • Snowhite - The white Insulation.
  • Fusible interlining.
  • Flame lamination.
  • Quilted fabrics.


TriStar Group can provide all supplies a comprehensive range of chemicals for all stages of textile production and dyeing as well as for garment manufacturing.

Amongst the products:
Stonewashing, Dyeing, Tie dyeing, Over-dyeing, Frost washing, Snow washing, Dye spraying, Graphic bleaching, Line Bleaching, Dip bleaching and Sandblasting.


Elastic & Zippers

TriStar Group provides a big selection of woven and knitted elastic for the apparel industry.

In addition, we also provide a complete line of metal, polyester coil (nylon) and Delrin (molded) zippers. The factory controls the entire production process so we can easily tailor any existing zipper type to your specific needs.